Village of West Hampton Dunes - Mayor Gary Vegliante

Village Forms

2024 Planning Board

Narrative & Analysis of Subdivision Map – January 2024 (PDF)
Survey – March 08, 2024 (PDF)

2023 Tenders & Bids

Notice For Bid For 2023 Interceptor – June 2023 (PDF)

West Hampton Dunes FOIL Request Form (PDF)
Tax Grievance – Assessment Forms (PDF)
Building Permit Setback Requirements (PDF)
Building Standards and Codes (PDF)
Affidavit of Mailing (PDF)
Municipal Voucher (PDF)
NYS Voter Registration Form (PDF)
Environmental Assessment Form & Cover Letter (PDF)
NYS Board of Real Property Services Complaint on Real Property Assessment (PDF)
ZBA Variance Application 2015 (PDF)
Bon Fire Permit Application (PDF)
Tent Permit Application (PDF)
Seasonal Rental Permit Application & Instructions 2021 Updated (PDF)

Seasonal Rental Local Law 2018 Change (PDF)
West Hampton Dunes Local Law Handbook (PDF)

Owner’s Designation of Agent (PDF)

Building Permit Application – Solar Energy System Fast Track Application (PDF)

Explanation For Residents 09-18-2019 (PDF)
Sample Variance Application (PDF)
Generator Permit Application 2020 (PDF)
Propane Tank Application (Updated September 2023) (PDF)
Certificate of Occupancy Checklist (Updated July 2022) (PDF)
Road Opening Permit Application (PDF)

Building Permit Application (Updated 2024) (PDF)

Contractor License Application (PDF)

Notice: Effective January 1, 2024:
A Village of West Hampton Dunes Contractor License is required for the issuance of a building permit. Contractor License Application can be found above.

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